• General Information
    • Ever since the 1980’s, ZUST has been inviting foreign teachers and experts to visit and work in ZUST. As an important component of the ZUST faculty, they are playing an important role in the teaching, research, social service, cultural development and international cooperation of ZUST and contributing greatly to the development of the university. Up to now, 5 foreign experts working in ZUST have been awarded the “West Lake Friendship Award” for their contributions in the social and economic development of Zhejiang Province.

      Currently, there are about 100 foreign experts and teachers working in ZUST annually. They come from Germany, the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, France, etc. and cover almost all the majors in ZUST.

      Apart from providing safe, clean and comfortable working and living environment for foreign experts and teachers, ZUST provides cordial and efficient services in application of visa, expert certificate, work permit, and residence permit, and we hold various cultural activities to enrich the experience of foreign experts and teachers.