Chinese-German Institute of Applied Engineering

In March 2013, upon approval of the Ministry of Education in China, the Chinese-German Institute of Applied Engineering was jointly established by Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (ZUST), University of Applied Sciences Lübeck (FH Lübeck) and University of Applied Sciences West Coast (FH Westküste). As the first non-independent bachelor-degree Chinese-foreign cooperatively run educational institution, the Chinese-German Institute of Applied Engineering offers 2 undergraduate programs at the beginning: Civil Engineering and Electric Engineering and Automation, with the study duration of 4 years, and starts to recruit students in 2014 fall semester. Both parties are responsible for course delivery and student management. Most of the students will complete their study in ZUST, while some excellent students, by mutual agreement and selection, can choose to study in either German institution. The student candidates who are qualified for degree-granting requirements shall be granted bachelor’s degrees by both universities.

License No.: MOE33GEA02DNR20141519N